We are a Canadian Manufacturer’s Sales Group serving the nation’s

Electrical, Industrial, Telecommunications, Utility and Alternative Energy Markets

About Sales Outsource Solutions

Sales Outsource Solutions Inc. is Canada’s leading Sales Rep Agency, with coast-to-coast coverage. Our team is a diverse collective of experienced, talented, hard-working, ethical individuals with extensive relationships and strong technical acumen. Our portfolio is made up of complementary, best-in-class product solutions from global market leaders.

What We Do

We increase the market share, profitability, and exposure of our Principal partners via a wide range of demand creation programs, the robust Repfabric® CRM, in-house Marketing, Business Development, Continuous Improvement, Finance, and Inside Sales expertise, and through tremendous support from our many Canada-wide Distribution/Supply Chain partnerships.

Sales Outsource Solutions attracts the best talent via an innovative no-cap revenue-sharing compensation structure, an Associate Equity Ownership program, an innovative onboarding planning tool, continuous career education and development, and by promoting and supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Our Solutions

Unlock the possibilities.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and scalability with our cutting-edge complementary infrastructure solutions. Enhance your networks, plant, or enterprise, reduce downtime, and future-proof your business. Revolutionize your infrastructure today for lasting increased performance.

About Us

Canada’s Leading National Manufacturing Sales Rep Agency

We offer products in a wide range of markets, including:
Telecommunications, Electrical, Industrial, Renewable Energy, and Utility
Best-In-Class, Innovative Product Solutions by Industry-Leading Manufacturers.
Meet Our Team

We pride ourselves in delivering these exceptional values to you:

Industry Expertise

Sales Outsource Solutions specializes in serving the Electrical, Industrial, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy and Utility markets, bringing in-depth knowledge and understanding of these industries to provide tailored solutions.

Increased Efficiency

By entrusting your sales efforts to Sales Outsource Solutions, you can focus on your core competencies while leveraging their expertise in sales and marketing to drive revenue growth.

Strategic Partnerships

By partnering with Sales Outsource Solutions, you gain access to their established network of industry contacts and strategic alliances, opening doors to new business opportunities.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Sales Outsource Solutions can adapt to changing market dynamics and adjust their strategies to meet evolving customer demands, helping you stay competitive in a dynamic business environment.

Discover how we can help to accelerate your growth, expand your market reach, and maximize your revenue potential.

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