WiFi Test House

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Introducing The WiFi Test House by Adant: A Groundbreaking Facility for Unparalleled Wi-Fi Device Evaluation

Adant Technologies Inc, a global leader in cutting-edge connectivity solutions, proudly presents The WiFi Test House by Adant, the world's first and only debugging Test House for Over-The-Air (OTA) testing of WiFi and other wireless technologies.

This state-of-the-art facility offers makers and users of Wi-Fi devices, including routers, mesh systems, smartphones, notebooks, and more, an unprecedented opportunity to assess the quality and performance of their devices in a real and consistent scenario.

Key Features of The WiFi Test House by Adant:

No Interference: Our facility is designed to be free of wireless interference, providing a controlled environment for accurate and repeatable testing.

State of the Art Equipment: Equipped with the latest technology, the WiFi Test House boasts advanced tools and instrumentation to ensure precise and reliable results.

Fully Automated: All tests are fully automated for maximum efficiency and consistency of the results.

Unique KPI Data Directly from WiFi Radios: Unlike any other test house, Wi-Fi Test House by Adant provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that combine data obtained directly from the WiFi radios to deliver truly meaningful data in a graphic format that is easy to understand thus allowing makers and users to fully recognize the nuances of their device performance and debug potential issues.

Expertise in Wi-Fi and Radio Technology: Backed by a team of experts, our test house combines strong Wi-Fi and radio technology expertise offering unparalleled insights into device performance.

Support for All WiFi Standards, Including WiFi 7: The WiFi Test House covers a broad spectrum of WiFi standards, including the latest WiFi 7, ensuring comprehensive testing for all devices.

The WiFi Test House offers an extensive range of test services to produce key metrics and information regarding Wi-Fi device performance.

Our standard test offering include:

Wireless Coverage
Network Capacity
Resilience to Interference

Adant Technologies Inc is the driving force behind The WiFi Test House, leveraging its global expertise in providing advanced solutions that revolutionize the connectivity of communication devices. Adant has embedded its unique Beamshaping™ smart antenna technology worldwide in hundreds of thousands of wireless devices, establishing key partnerships with leading original equipment manufacturers and chipset makers.

The facility spans over 3500 sqft, organized in 12 rooms and 3 floors with dry walls, providing an ideal environment for testing.

The location, nestled in Soquel near Silicon Valley, is surrounded by the serene green hills close to the famous beaches of Santa Cruz and Capitola.

The WiFi Test House by Adant is not just a testing facility; it's a commitment to support wireless makers, fostering a new era of long-term collaboration. Experience the future of Wi-Fi device evaluation with The WiFi Test House by Adant.

To book a visit or talk about your needs for customized tests, contact Adant Technologies Inc at:

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About Adant Technologies Inc

Adant Technologies Inc is a global player in providing advanced solutions that revolutionize the connectivity and functionalities of communication devices. Adant designs and sells adaptive wireless systems using its unique Beamshaping™ smart antenna technology to provide the best possible connectivity and accurate positioning to WiFi, 5G, and BLE devices. Adant has embedded its technology worldwide in hundreds of thousands of wireless devices and has established key partnerships with the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers and chipset makers. For more information on our full wireless solution please visit: www.salesoutsourcesolutions.com/wirelessone

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