Cubis Product Overview

Cubis, a division of CRH, is a manufacturer of access chambers, and cable ducting used in network infrastructure projects. Some of the most common industries that Cubis serves are rail, telecom, and roadways. In Canada, their access chambers have been used in telecommunication networks to store splices and allow easy access should the network require any maintenance or upgrade.

What makes the Cubis product line innovative is their patented STAKKAbox™ system that makes their access chambers modular, and sectional. This allows installation to be completed quickly as the chambers are made with a lightweight polymer, or composite, yet they remain extremely durable. Check out the video below to see how easy installation is:
Sales Outsource Solutions proud to represent the Cubis product line in Canada and some of the popular products that are used across the country are the Ultima, Fortress, and Modula line of access chambers.

> Ultima - The Ultima STAKKAbox™ line excels where there is concern for sidewall loading, such as the side of highways, rail lines, or in rural roadways.

> Fortress – The Fortress line differs slightly from the Ultima because it is molded with HDPE which allows it to be durable for use on sidewalks and on undivided highways.

> Modula – Similar to the Fortress line except Modula is made from Polypropylene and used in many of the same applications.

Want more info about Cubis or their products? Contact Sales Outsource Solutions today, or visit the Cubis Website here:
Visit the Cubis Website for More Information!

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