Supporting Long-Term Energy Goals, the Race to Net-Zero, and the Modernization of the Canadian Electrial Grid.

With Canada setting lofty goals like all vehicles being EV’s by 2025, phasing out unabated coal, and nuclear energy expansion the need for critical infrastructure development is apparent. Our team has experience working on all types of power generation projects, new developments, and upgrades to support project managers, construction teams, and utilities.

Power Transmission

Moving power over long distances requires long-lasting solutions. Electrical HDPE Conduit, Power carts, grounding and bonding, marking and protection offer ease-of-install and lasting support.
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Solar Power

Solar power requires reliable solutions in harsh Canadian environments. With cable management, power connectors, grounding clamps, and more that are built to last solar farms can operate without interruption.
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Nuclear Power

Roughly 14,000 megawatts of power come from Canadian nuclear facilities. GridONE represents manufacturers of the safest and most dependable portable electric carts, distribution units, and corsets to support nuclear operations.
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Hydroelectric Power

One of the oldest forms of power generation is still one of Canada’s most popular. Exothermic welding, manufactured parts, and more to keep Canada’s Hydroelectric power moving.
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Electric Vehicle Charging

With a few hundred thousand Electric vehicles on the road, and that number growing exponentially, there needs to be infrastructure for charging solutions. We offer support for the manufacturing of chargers with the highest quality components from routing to grounding.
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Emergency Power & Cleanup

As Canada is expected to have more weather events related to climate change in the coming years, being prepared for every scenario is at the forefront for a lot of businesses. Emergency Repsonse relies on time, safety, and reliability. We work with the highest-quality manufacturers in the world to provide solutions for remote power, emergency tooling, and cleanup. 
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