Since 1960, Harger has been providing solutions to the lightning protection and grounding industries. We have experience in all facets of these markets including engineering, systems design, product manufacturing and installation. Our engineering department provides design services for engineers and contractors domestically, as well as internationally. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology, offering designs in the latest Autocad format. We use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our equipment. Whether the parts are cast, formed or stamped, you can be assured if it's made by Harger, it's quality. We truly believe the customer is the company.
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Grounding & Bonding
Mechanical Grounding Connectors
Compression Connectors
Ground Electrodes
Bonding Straps
Ground Bars
Ceiling Arrestors
Lightning Protection
Lightning Warning Systems
Connectors & Fittings
Thru Assemblies
Surge Protection
Air Terminals
Air Terminal Base
Exothermic Welding & Grounding
Exothermic Molds
Exothermic Weld Metal
Rail Connections
Ultrashot & Drone
Exothermic Tools
Mold Handles