Merge FAQs

FAQ's About The Mission Technical Solutions and Sales Outsource Solutions Merge

This interview was conducted on February 11th with Dave Klarer, Tim Emoff, and Trevor Elliott of Sales Outsource Solutions. The aim of this discussion was to answer any pertinent questions regarding the merged firm and what stakeholders can expect of us going forward.

Trevor Elliott: “I will be the VP of the electrical side of the business. Responsible for merging the Mission Technical team with the resources and full line card of Sales Outsource.

Tim Emoff: “I will be managing the Telecom side of the business. Both the legacy business and new initiatives.”

Dave Klarer: “VP of channel development. Working on putting together programs that work for the new merged firm and increase benefit to our clientele.”
Trevor Elliott: “Mission Technical stared as a team of seven who were all direct sales employees of Panduit. Due to changes in the business model, we found ourselves out of the direct positions and into the position of starting a sales agency and representing Panduit across Canada.”
Tim Emoff: “Sales Outsource Solutions serves the Electrical, Industrial, Telecommunications, and transportation industry across Canada. It started as an evolution of different agencies throughout the years. Starting as True North Technologies and then merging with Inotech to form the first iteration of Sales Outsource Solutions. Today, we are building on that legacy.
Dave Klarer: “At the most basic level, we have two organizations combining forces to become one. That means sharing resources and overall having more feet in the streets. In the future we hope that this provides additional value to our stakeholders and that 1+1=3 for the marketplace.”
Dave Klarer: “Certainly Trevor’s history in the Electrical space and Tim’s history in the Telecom space will be key moving forward for those two managing those sides of the business. I will be the glue in the middle to run channel programs which will allow for better product synergies, and which helps to guide the customer journey.”
Tim Emoff: “There’s a lot of frantic work going on with lawyers and accountants behind the scenes and with some of our people. Really, by the end of March we should have the two organizations completely merged. We are already working very closely together and that will only continue to ramp up until the merger is 100% complete legally.
Dave Klarer: “No. The office and mailing address will remain the same. We will continue to be located at 100 Queen Street West in Brampton, Suite 5.”
Tim Emoff: Really, it’s a case of more coverage, more products, more solutions, and more resources. On a customer level, the enhanced products and attention should enable them to be more profitable. For our manufacturing partners, much of the same, more talent and more feet on the street. Additionally, more cross selling opportunities.
Trevor Elliott: “No. Mission Technical solutions will, as an entity, dissolve. All the Mission Technical folks will become business partners under the Sales Outsource umbrella.”
Trevor Elliott: “All of the staff members that were at Mission Technical Solutions will be coming over to Sales Outsource Solutions.”
Dave Klarer: “The best way to find updated contact info is to visit our website,, and head to the “our team” section where all contact info is stored. Alternatively, you can contact us on any official social media channel or via the contact form on our website.”
Dave Klarer: “Yes. Since all the members of Mission Technical Solutions are being retained and the Sales Outsource team at full capacity there should no change in service. As more cross-training and resources become defined the customer will have more choice in the way they want to have their business serviced.”
Dave Klarer: “No. In fact, due to the increase in associates at Sales Outsource the level of service we provide will increase.”
Tim Emoff: “No. Actually, due to the merge we are actually anticipating an enhancement to the FibreONE program with more resources available to support it.”
Trevor Elliott: “I sure hope so, one of the main ideas of the merge was to bring big anchor lines together and make a great platform for other ancillary lines. This will create a strong market Prescence in several verticals that will be attractive for new lines to jump in to. “

Tim Emoff: “Similar to what Trevor mentioned, yes. In respect to technologies like 5G we continue to look at solutions that address the needs of that market. I like the roadmap that we have planned for additions in the EV and industrial market. So, absolutely we will see additions to our product portfolio.”

Dave Klarer: “Tim and Trevor covered their respective markets well. One thing that we’ve heard throughout this process is a real endorsement from manufactures about our platform and excitement around our direction. We are really excited about bringing more products to market.”
Dave Klarer: “More engagement with our channel partners, more resources available for distributors. We are also in the process of developing a new website and increasing marketing efforts. Overall, we have a lot more opportunities to work closely with our partners and help them grow along with us.”
Dave Klarer: “You can contact any of us through our official social media channels, on our website contact form, or through the “our team” page on our website that was mentioned earlier.