Oldcastle Infrastructure

We are Oldcastle Infrastructure (formerly Oldcastle Precast), one of North America’s largest manufacturers of utility products and construction accessories for the telecommunications, energy, transportation, building structures and water markets.
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Carson® products are made of structural foam high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors to provide a lifetime of consistent performance in a variety of weather conditions.
The performance you need – the ease of installation you love. With the strength of polymer concrete delivered at 50% of the weight.
Oldcastle Polymer is produced using a precise dry mix of select gravel, and sand, which is bound with resin and a fiberglass fabric. This mixture and our new manufacturing process results in high flexural and tensile strength yet maintain the lowest weight.
The Oldcastle FRP family of enclosures are produced in a unique hybrid process bonding strong, polymer concrete rings with high-impact resistant fiberglass sidewalls, forming a monolithic body. Paired with polymer concrete lid, select units are suitable for light or heavy incidental traffic. Specifiers can meet expected load ratings while installers can handle and modify with ease.